USA withdraws from the Paris Agreement

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As the US media previously announced, Donald Trump made official his decision to withdraw the country from the Paris Agreement against climate change. Intended to replace the 2020 Kyoto Protocol, this Agreement has as main objective “to keep the average World temperature below 2 degrees Celsius respect to preindustrial [...]

We’re Hurtling Toward the Worst CO2 Levels the Earth Has Seen in Over 200 Million Years

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WARMING OF PREHISTORIC PROPORTIONS There’s no question that the world is getting warmer. Sure, the history of the Earth’s billions of years of existence have been marked by global temperature fluctuations, but we’re heading toward some unprecedented conditions in the relative near future. New research is showing that the [...]

Environmental pollution would also have an effect on people’s sleep cycles

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SANTIAGO.- Pollution doesn’t only produce respiratory diseases, but also might have influence in the sleep cycle of people that is exposed to diary bad air quality. This relation is shown in a recent study from the University of Washington that measured the sleeping patrons of nearly 2 thousand people. [...]

There is a link vehicular contamination with DNA damage in children and young people according to research

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Preliminary research, led by University of California’s expert John R. Balmes, children and teenagers exposed to contamination in the air, showed a very specific type of damaged in their DNA produced by polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (PAH), an organic compound found in petroleum, coal and deposits of tar and fuels [...]

Sandstorms make pollution problems even worse in China

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Sandstorms in north China raised pollution concentration to “dangerous” levels, have warned the authorities. It has been recommended to older people and kids not to go out of home. A few million people have been affected in several provinces, where citizens were protecting themselves with masks. In the last [...]

Decontamination plan “ConceRespira” starts citizen consultation process

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To explain the main actions that contains the Prevention and Decontamination Plan for Metropolitan Concepción, ConceRespira, the new Minister of Environment, Marcelo Mena, reunited with mayors and representatives of the 10 cities where it will be implemented. These are Concepción, Chiguayante, Hualpén, Lota, Penco, San Pedro de la Paz, [...]

A robot that “eats” pollution

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If you are interested in knowing more about possible solutions to environmental pollution, we leave you this interesting talk about the "Row-bot". A robot that cleans the pollution and generates the electricity needed to feed itself by swallowing dirty water. Jonathan Rossiter, explains how this machine uses a microbial fuel cell to neutralize algae blooms [...]

Osorno, Chile: Alert due high levels of enviromental pollution.

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Autumn have just began and in the city of Osorno there are already problems caused by the pollution produced by the burning of firewood. In Coyhaique there has already been an alert. Source: After initiating a decontamination plan by regional authorities, the city of Osorno (Chile), registered high rates of particulate matter. The data [...]