Do you know how the air you breathe affects your life?

Did you know 7.000.000 people die worldwide every year because of the bad air quality?

Do you have any idea on how we can prevent this?

Welcome to Hiri, the first real-time Air Quality Social Platform. Through a dynamic monitoring, we obtain decentralized, temporary and localized information, which allows us to be a helpful tool in decision making for all the community, local governments and companies.

Thanks to our mobile sensors, you will be able to know where the cleanest place for your sport and domestic activities is, or if the place you wanted to move to is as good as you thought.

Join us and be part of the first Air Quality Community!


Moving and Georeferenced Monitoring of Air Quality From Hiri devices


Mapped Platform of Air Quality in Real Time.

Decision Making

Generation of Reports Based on Collection of Validated Data.

The Hiri Sensors

The first prototypes used SHARP sensors but at present they now all use the Plantower PM2.5 sensors which use a laser to shine light of a specific wavelength through a sample of air and an Optical Particle Counter (OPC) to count the number of Particulate Matter (PM2.5 – particles of diameters smaller than 2.5 µm) particles in the air and thus transferring this into a concentration in µg/m3.

The internal electronics contain a wifi link that sends the recorded PM2.5, temperature and humidity data to a smartphone with an app that connects the data to a central online database. By using a network of these instruments, post measurement corrections and calibrations can be carried out. This checks that there are no outlier instruments and that all sensors are measuring the same levels.


We are a multidisciplinary team, with the conviction of being able to generate a positive impact on people´s life quality


Camilo Rodríguez


Zoe Fleming
Experimental Design


Pablo Ortiz
Project Engineer


Rodrigo Trigo



Ian Coronado
Graphic Designer


Gino Ormeño
Industrial Designer


Fernando Lagos
Project Engineer


Carlos Román
Electronic Technician


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