Autumn have just began and in the city of Osorno there are already problems caused by the pollution produced by the burning of firewood. In Coyhaique there has already been an alert.


After initiating a decontamination plan by regional authorities, the city of Osorno (Chile), registered high rates of particulate matter. The data collected showed that pollution reached 268,2 micrograms of pm2.5 and 255,2 micrograms of pm10.

Despite this, authorities from the enviromental portfolio have said that this will not be considered as a critical episode in the city.

Jorge Pasminio, enviromental Regional Secretary for the Minister, said that it is necesary to have an average 24-hour record, that excedes at least 110 micrograms of particulate matter, according to national standards.

Despite the high levels registered during last day, the system establishes only one alert for the zone that is for Coyhaique.

However, the authority pointed out that the necessary conditions to decree a restrictive episode in the city are not yet established.

The authority still recalled and called on the community to take self-care measures, trying to diversify their energy matrices of heating in order to avoid the increase of local indices.

It should be noted that for these days low temperatures and absence of considerable winds are expected, which provide conditions for generating another day with high saturation records of poor air quality.

At Hiri, we want these measurements to be more precise, so that authorities can determine what kind of restrictions will be applied to stop pollution. We have mobile type sensors, unlike those that are being used today, which are static.