President Trump said the pact is disadvantageous and imposes "draconian burdens" on his country. The agreement proposed a reduction of up to 28% in greenhouse gas emissions.


As the US media previously announced, Donald Trump made official his decision to withdraw the country from the Paris Agreement against climate change.

Intended to replace the 2020 Kyoto Protocol, this Agreement has as main objective “to keep the average World temperature below 2 degrees Celsius respect to preindustrial levels”

Trump said in a speech from the White House that the pact is “an example of a treatment that is disadvantageous for the United States,” because it imposes “draconian charges.”

The President said that his country “will cease all implementations” from climate agreements reached on Paris at the end of 2015 and that he will try to negotiate an agreement better than the original.

Also, he assure that the country “needs all the American sources of energy available” or “it will be in great risk of blackouts” as one of the reasons to justify his decision.